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STEP UP Performance and Dancewear   

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Use code number: 30863

Proper attire and neatness enables students to concentrate on instruction and teachers to correct alignment. A leotard must be worn at all times, without fancy tutus attached. No street clothes may be worn. Jewelry should be limited for safety and discipline. Hair must be pulled neatly off the face, preferable in a bun. “A neat dancer makes a good performer.” Uniforms are worn for sports – why not for dance class.


Pre-school combination Classes Age 3-6

Leotard: Black or Pink (any style)
Tights: Theatrical Pink
Shoes: Ballet Slippers – Pink
Tap Shoes: Capezio Mary Jane Tan #3800 with elastic, Velcro, or with buckles. NO ribbons.
Dance Skirts and Sweater Wraps: pink, black, or white may also be worn for class. (Optional)

Combination Classes Age 7-12

Leotard: Black or Pink; Black Jazz Pants
Tights: Theatrical Pink or Light Suntan  (convertible or stir-up style)
Shoes: Ballet Slippers – Pink (may also be worn for Jazz) or Caramel Jazz shoes - CG-15

Hip-Hop/ Jazz Sneaker: Dansneaker DS11
Tap Shoes: Capezio Mary Jane Tan #3800

Pre-Teen, Teens, and Adult Classes

Leotard: Must be worn at all times – any color or style
Tights: Theatrical Pink or Classic Light Toast
Ballet Shoes: Ballet - Pink Ballet Slippers – Pink
Lyrical Shoes: Tan Capezio Pedini 321
Tap Shoes: Tan Bloch Showtapper S0323
Hip Hop Shoes: Capezio Black Dansneaker - DS11
Jazz Shoes: Capezio Jazz Boot Caramel Jazz Shoes - CG-15


Black pants

Studio t-shirt 

Shoes: TBD by class and instructor.

If you have any questions please ask the teacher.